Sichuan Amsterdam

SIchuan Amsterdam is re-opening on all three locations on:

1st of June

We truly missed the normalcy and all of you, but now realise nothing can be rebuilt without your support and our own ongoing efforts.

Until the end of June we'll strictly work with reservations as compliance with the new reopening laws. Please contact us below by Phone, Mail, or The FORK button to have us welcome you again!

And please enjoy this extra 5 euro coupon as a warm thank you.



Sichuan restaurant, was founded by Mr. Wang in 1993, has enjoyed a history of more than 20 years and possessing three restaurant branches in the central of Amsterdam.

“Authentic Sichuan Flavor in Amsterdam, since 1991”

Since the establishment, China Sichuan Restaurant adhered to the most authentic Sichuan cuisine flavor, constantly work hard on make the taste of dishes to excellent. Not only using the freshest local ingredients, but insisting to import superior spices from China, creating the authentic taste from real Sichuan cuisine.

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