Brand Introduction

Brand Introduction

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China Sichuan Restaurant is a famous Sichuan restaurant brand and a well-known Dutch restaurant chain served in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Sichuan restaurant, was founded by Mr. Wang in 1993, has enjoyed a history of more than 20 years and possessing three restaurant branches in the central of Amsterdam. The purpose of the brand is to “adhere to the original flavor from real Sichuan”, aiming at spreading traditional culture from Sichuan cuisine by making authentic Sichuan flavor, is remarkable in many countries in Europe. It also has a high reputation among Dutch local and oversea Chinese, namely “the Sichuan taste hidden in the Red-Light District”, “the place you must go in Amsterdam, “the dining hall of overseas Chinese”, and “the second home of overseas Sichuan people”.

" Authentic Sichuan flavor in Amsterdam since 1991"

Tibet Sichuan” (Lange Niezel)
was founded


Amsterdam General Restaurant (Warmoesstraat B.V.) was founded.


Chinatown Store” (Lange Niezel) was founded


Tibet Sichuan”changed its name to “Chengdu Sichuan”

27 June 2018

Celebrities Visit

Celebrity Jerry Ya,Jingyu Huang and Zhengnan Zhou went to Sichuan Restaurant.


The secretary of the Sichuan Provincial CPC Committee Visit

Peng Qinghua, the secretary of the Sichuan Provincial CPC Committee, and Guo Yong, party committee secretary of Sichuan Energy Investment Group, led a delegation to the Sichuan Hotel and praised it as the “overseas benchmark of Sichuan cuisine” and “the dining hall of overseas Chinese”.


China Broadcast Report

China broadcast, CCTV 4 overseas Channel, reported on China Sichuan Restaurant, praising it as “the purest Sichuan flavor of overseas Chinese food. (link: 

Jerry Ya
Jingyu Huang & Zhengnan Zhou

Sichuan Cuisine

China Sichuan Restaurant is like a bridge contributed by China and Sichuan all the time, providing a way for people all over the world to understand Sichuan food culture, and it is also a warm home for overseas Chinese, constructed by all employees. Pot, spoon, chopstick and round table, all of utensils hold the representative of spicy food, the persistence of home flavor, the inheritance of Chinese culture, and the embrace of world culture.

Because of this persistence on the quality of food, China Sichuan Restaurant owned their unique Chinese food style. It not only been recognized by Chinese residents and travelers, identified as the sustenance of Chinese stomach of overseas Chinese and a way to release their homesickness, but also wining many fans from Europe. Generally, it has become a benchmark enterprise to spread Sichuan cuisine culture and Asian culture. In 2019, China Sichuan Restaurant was reported by CCTV 4 overseas channel, and given the praise as “the most authentic Sichuan flavor of overseas Chinese food.”

Today, China Sichuan Restaurant has become a landmark of Amsterdam, with three branches located in the center of Amsterdam, besides the famous scenic spot Red-Light District and Chinatown. Go through the restaurant, customers can enjoy the decoration with Chinese characteristics, like traditional red lanterns, Shu embroidery and other representative Chinese elements. People from all over the world are walking through the restaurant, gathering together to having Sichuan food in the restaurant, which becoming a special scenery of intersection of different culture and delicacy. At the same time, the store also has specific dishes for vegetarians, greatly carrying through the human-oriented professional service and attitude, as well as the inclusiveness of Sichuan people and culture.