Brand Story

Brand Story

Adhere to the authentic flavor from real Sichuan

Located in the bustling center of Amsterdam, next to Red-Light District, three branches of China Sichuan Restaurant that stand for authentic Sichuan flavor are always crowed with customers from all over the world. Inside the store that decorated with classical Chinese red lanterns, the owner is crafting Sichuan cuisine and proprietress is greeting customers with great passion. Here, Chinese people who live oversea could find the taste from home, international diners could experience the unique spicy flavor, culture and homesickness is crashing to the tongue.

Sichuan Restaurant

A Trip Back to Real Sichuan

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The Secrets Behind Sichuan Cuisine

In 1991, Mr. Wang who yearns for freedom came to Amsterdam, Netherlands for the first time. Amsterdam is really a romantic and inclusive European city. Boat drives in the peaceful canals, sexy and hot ladies dance inside the window of Red-Light District, local residents ride bikes in the sunset and pass by drunk people. In this culturally mixed city, people from all over the world explore kinds of delicious food with different stomachs.

Although fine dinners are attractive, after experiencing foods all over the world, the most touching cuisine is the taste of hometown, especially for people struggling oversea.  Mr. Wang found that the passionate Netherlands is lack of authentic Chinese Sichuan cuisine. Sichuan Fragrant Striped bass, Chengdu Palace Duck, Sichuan Spicy Dumpling, those delicious home-cooked dishes are not only the most familiar childhood taste, but also the proudest thing for Mr. Wang, who raised in Chengdu. Therefore, He decided to open a restaurant named “China Sichuan” in the center of Amsterdam. It is also the first Sichuan cuisine brand established in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, standing like a Chinese Sichuan business card, which brings a magical spicy trip to the tourists and comforts the stomach of Chinese who live in Netherlands.

“The taste code of Sichuan cuisine is not the ingredients, nor the heat, but seasoning.” Mr. Wang, the founder of China Sichuan Restaurant is an expert on taste of Sichuan cuisine which is rich in flavors with a wide range of ingredients. The magic of the cuisine is that you will smell it before you try it, and after tasting it, the flavor seems endless from tongue to stomach. Gorgeous seasoning achieves ingredients, which makes tongue of customer directly travel to Sichuan. For Chinese in Europe, China Sichuan restaurants is lifesaver. Many foreigners also come to the resaurant again and again, hailing it as “authentic Chinese flavor that they have never tasted”.

A Story About Love

In the city of Amsterdam where love and romance full of air, Mr. Wang also harvested a beautiful love. In 2004, Weiwei Wang, a positive and passionate Chengdu girl fell in love with Mr. Wang. She said good-bye to her loved career as a professional DJ and came to Amsterdam to accompany Mr. Wang. This couple struggled together to perfect their Sichuan cuisine. Weiwei once said: “Sichuan cuisine came from ordinary life, it shouldn’t be too expensive, and sit is not a delicacy enjoyed by rich people, but belongs to the public.” They did not aim to make Sichuan cuisine fine dinner but ordinary cuisine in people’s daily life. The taste of Sichuan is like a flavor warm in memory and eating from child to adult, like cooked by mom. This authentic home-cooked food is simple, delicious and warm. “What we also inherit is the truth of being a human of Sichuaness. In this way, Sichuan cuisine could be real with soul.” For more than 20 years of careful operation by Mr. Wang and Weiwei, China Sichuan Restaurant has become famous all over the world. Many first-class Sichuan chefs joined Sichuan family to craft the authentic Sichuan cuisine and provided excellent food to customers.

Everyone Loves It

China Sichuan Restaurant has become famous, and many first-class chefs come here to jointly study the taste of authentic Sichuan cuisine, and provide the world’s diners with excellent food and gastronomy. At the same time, China Sichuan Restaurant has been growing gradually. In 2006, “Chinatown store (Zeedijk) was founded, which was the the first restaurant of Chinese mainland in Amsterdam to set up in Chinatown. In 2017, the former store named “Tibet Sichuan” was renamed “Sichuan Chengdu” and next to Red-Light District. a large number of celebrities and stars have come. Famous Chinese celebrities like Guokun Chen, Jorden Chun, Cherrie Ying, Charlene Choi, Leah Dou, Jerry Ya, Jingyu Huang, Zhennan Zhoua have been to China Sichuan Restaurant and gave highly praises. On May 21, 2019, Peng Qinghua, the secretary of the Sichuan Provincial CPC Committee, and Guo Yong, the committee secretary of party of Sichuan Energy Investment Group, led a delegation to China Sichuan Restaurant and praised it as the “overseas benchmark of Sichuan cuisine” and “the dining hall of overseas Chinese.”

For more than 20 years, China Sichuan Restaurant has always kept the most authentic Sichuan cuisine with the sincerest heart, and serve customers with delicious food. Red oil awakens tongue, pepper and chili jumps in the mouth, sour and sweet flavor cross the teeth… With a bite of thick soup, your heart and stomach would be full and warm. Sichuan cuisine likes life, which all kinds of flavors hidden in ordinary details. China Sichuan Restaurant has always adhered to authentic flavor that carries homesickness and flavor, and has showed most unique and real Chinese Sichuan cuisine to all over the world.