In Chinese traditions, we get a red envelope as a symbol of fortune and luck. To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Sichuan offers random red envelopes that contain €5 off every €50 purchase or €10 off every €100 purchase. Welcome to ask for details!

If the world is still running, we will not leave you alone! We are open during the Spring Festival! Utmost gratitude for your faith and support last year. Sichuan will be here with you during the Lunar New Year! You may know that Lunar New Year is one of the most important festivals for Chinese, but there are 5 interesting things you may NOT know about the Lunar New Year. Join us at New Year Eve and we will share more with you!

        5 Things You Don’t Know About Lunar New Year

1. The Lunar New Year’s Eve is the coldest day of the year. The New Year is also called Spring Festival, cause it’s a celebration of the coming of spring. During spring plants and vegetables begin to grow, which means a new beginning and fresh starts.

2. Fireworks are not for fun but for fighting off monsters. According to the legend story, there is a monster called Nian (年), who will come about during New Year’s Eve. People are afraid of it and hide in their homes. There was a boy who was very brave and fight off the monster with fireworks. So, people just imitated him and everyone set off the fireworks as a symbol of getting off the bad luck.

3. Not only Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year. Chinese may be the largest group of people in the world celebrate Lunar New Year, but countries such as North and South Korea and Vietnam will also celebrate it as well.

4. Garbage is not allowed to be thrown, shown and swept. Throwing out garbage is believed to be a way of giving away good luck! Garbage will not be allowed to throw away until the 5th of the New Year.

5. Lunar New Year caused the largest human migration around the world. The Lunar New Year is the time for family reunion. So, everyone would like to come back to their hometown for the New Year’s Eve dinner. As in China, it’s very common to work in another city away from parents or even grandparents, the traffic of migration during Lunar New Year is huge. The number of traffic in 2019 is 3 BILLION according to XinHuanet, which is over 1/3 of the whole world population.

Wish you good luck and be healthy, safe, happy and lucky for 2020! Sichuan will prepare you with the Reunion Dinner for Lunar New Year! Stay with families and Sichuan. Happy New Year to everyone!

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