Homemade Dishes

A flavor from real Chinese home.

Chengdu Kung Pao Prawn is made with prawns, dried red peppers and peanuts. The “Kunpo” flavor is an authentic and classical flavor in Sichuan cuisine. It mixes sour and sweet taste and not that spicy. Best choice for people who can not eat food with too much spicy.


  1. Wash the shrimps, cut the them from the back, add all the marinade and marinate for about 20 minutes. 虾仁洗净,从背部划刀但不切断,加入所有腌料腌约20分钟备用。
  2. Heat the pan, pour 1 cup of oil into the shrimps. and mix the them with minced garlic, dried chili in the pan on fire . Until the shrimp is cooked, immediately pick up shrimps from the oil and set aside. 热锅,倒入1杯油,以50℃冷油放入虾仁,以大火拌开虾仁过油至虾仁熟后,立即捞起沥油备用。
  3. Keep a little oil in the pot, add fried shrimps again and mix them with all the seasonings that include 2 tablespoons of gong bao chicken sauce +1 tablespoon of water to boil. 锅中留少许油,以大火爆香蒜末、干辣椒,倒入2大匙宫保鸡酱+1大匙水煮沸,放入炸过的虾仁拌匀。
  4. Add a little sesame oil, salt 1/8 spoon, sugar 1/8 spoon, wine 1 spoon, egg white 1/2, too white 1 spoon. and mix well with shrimps. 再放入香油少许,盐1/8小匙,糖1/8小匙,酒1小匙,蛋白1/2个,太白粉1小匙。
  5. Add peeled garlic, peanuts and stir well. 加入去皮蒜花生拌匀,起锅前淋上少许香油即可。

The fish-fragrant sauce in fact does not come from fish, but from Sichuan seasoning. The seasoning makes its smell like fish. It made with Sichuan pickled peppers, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, ginger and salt. One of the most famous matches with shredded pork is black ear mushrooms and Lettuce stem.


  1. Cut the pork into 3cm long filaments, and pass over with a little salt and starch paste. 将肉切成3厘米长的细丝,用少许盐和淀粉浆过。
  2. Use sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, water starch to juice. 黄瓜切丝,葱姜蒜切末。用白糖、醋、酱油、料酒、盐、味精、水淀粉对汁待用。
  3. Heat up the wok, fry the oil in the wok. and then fry the hot pepper (finely chopped), ginger, onion and garlic in the wok. and then put shredded meat into the wok and mix with the sauce. 锅烧热,把油下锅,肉丝下锅炒散,再把泡辣椒(剁细),姜蒜下锅煸炒。
  4. Put juice that prepared before. and put the shred cucumber into the pot. Fry them slightly with the meat. 待其出香味后再把黄瓜和木茸放入,稍炒,烹入对好的汁和葱花,炒匀即可。

Chengdu family cucumber. Summer refreshing and fresh appetizers. Even those who can’t cook can easily learn. Cold cucumber is a refreshing home cooked salad with cucumber as the main ingredient.


  1. Wash the cucumber, cut into slide. 将黄瓜洗净,切段,用刀背稍拍。
  2. Put a little salt, and garlic, then put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour. 放少许盐,蒜粒在大容器中抖匀,放入冰箱保温1小时。
  3. Take out the marinated cucumber, and pour out the water that was in it. 将腌好的黄瓜拿出,倒出生出的水。
  4. Add black vinegar, sugar, sesame oil and mix well. Those who like spicy can put red pepper. 加黑醋,糖,麻油,拌匀即可。嗜辣的者可放红辣椒。

Maopo Tofu is one of the traditional dishes of Sichuan cuisine. The main materials are tofu and beef. The unique taste of hemp and spicy comes from special peppers delivered from China. For vegans, you can tell the server your preference and our chief would take out of the meat.


  1. Tofu cut into pieces. Chives, ginger, garlic, dried chilies are minced. 豆腐切块,香葱、生姜、大蒜、干辣椒切细末备用。
  2. put the oil in the pot to heat. Stir-fry the scallions, ginger, garlic, dried chilies and broad bean paste, then add the ground beef. 锅内放入油烧热, 先爆香葱末、生姜末、大蒜末、干辣椒末和豆瓣酱,再放入牛肉馅炒熟。
  3. Add proper amount of water and boil it. Then add tofu, soy sauce, sugar to cook for 3 minutes. 加入适量水,煮开后加入豆腐丁、酱油、白糖煮3分钟。
  4. Put water starch twice. and then put all the food into the plate. 水淀粉勾芡2次后盛入盘中。 
  5. Burn hot sesame oil and scented pepper together. Then pour the pepper oil on the tofu. 烧热香油,爆香花椒,将花椒油淋在豆腐上即可。

It is a traditional famous dish. The main raw materials are beef, green pepper, oil, etc. It has the function of replenishing the nerves, strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach and bones.


  1. Cut the green pepper and red sweet pepper into silk, slice the garlic, and set aside. 青椒、红甜椒切丝;蒜头切片,备用。
  2. Mix the beef shreds with all the marinades and set aside for about 30 minutes. 牛肉丝以所有腌料拌匀放置腌约30分钟备用。
  3. Heat up a wok, add oil, add the beef slices, and fry until brown. 热锅,加多些油,冷油放入作法2的牛肉片,快速炒开至变色,马上捞起沥油备用。
  4. Leave a little oil in the pan, saute the garlic slices, add the green pepper, red bell pepper. Mix all the seasonings and beef slices. 作法3锅中留少许油,爆香作法1的蒜片,再加入青椒、红甜椒丝及所有调味料煮至汤汁沸腾。

Palace eggplant is one of the representative dishes of Yu-Shiang flavor which is mixed with onion, ginger and garlic in Sichuan cuisine. Among the fishy fragrance series of Sichuan cuisine, the most important accessory is the Pixian Horsebean Chili Paste. The taste is long, and the aftertaste is endless, so it is called Yu-Shiang.


  1. Cut the eggplant into long strips, soak it in light salt water for 1 hour, drain the water, and sprinkle a thin layer of starch. 茄子洗净切长条,用淡盐水浸泡1小时沥干水分,洒薄薄一层淀粉。
  2. put a little salt, shake the garlic well, put in the refrigerator and keep for 1 hour. 起油锅,正常炒菜油量即可,六成热转中小火放入茄条和少许盐翻炒至茄子软透后盛入深碟备用。
  3. Take out the pickled cucumbers and pour out the water. 肉末提前用少许生抽、黄酒和淀粉抓匀腌制半小时。重新起锅坐油,放入葱姜蒜末和泡椒豆瓣酱,小火慢慢炒出香味和红油,放入肉末继续小火炒至完全变色。
  4. Add black vinegar, sugar and sesame oil, chili peppers, mix seasonings with cucumber well. 依次加入黄酒、酱油、米醋和糖,炒匀味道关火。

Sichuan hot and sour rice noodles is a traditional snack in Sichuan and Chongqing. It has been loved by people for a long time because of its low price and good quality. It is characterized by “hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, sour and oily but not greasy”. The main ingredient is blended with sweet potato, red peony and pea in the best proportion, and then manually made by farmers.


  1. Dry vermicelli soaked in water of 50 to 60 degrees Celsius until it becomes soft. 干粉条泡在50度到60度的水中,泡软。
  2. Put sesame, ginger, garlic paste, parsley, pepper powder, MSG, chicken essence, pepper powder, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, chili oil into a bowl 
  3. 把芝麻、姜末、蒜泥、香芹、花椒粉、味精、鸡精、胡椒粉、盐、酱油、醋、香油、辣椒油放入碗中。
  4. Add the stock, chopped green onion and lard. 再放入高汤、葱花和猪油,用来打底。
  5. After the soup is boiled, put the soft noodles into the pan for half a minute. 
  6. 水开时,把泡软的粉条放进锅内烫半分钟。