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Boiling Sea Bass


This dish is based on the rich flavors of Sichuan pepper and the Er King Tiao chili. The name Boiling Fish came from the final touch of pouring boiling oil over the fish fillet before sending it to the table. 


Seabass with Sichuan Sour Pickles

 🌶 🌶

Traditional Sichuan dish. Sichuan pickles are the pride of Sichuan people, and it definitely is the highlight of this dish. “ Pixian Chili Bean Sauce is the soul of Sichuan cuisine, and pickles are the true essence.” 


Chongqing Roasted Seabass

 🌶 🌶 🌶

Charcoal-roasted seabass is soaked in our special homemade spices and sauce, presented in our griddle that is heated until you finish the dish. Have a wonderful experience with the sizzling and aromatic broth, steamy and enticing seabass on the top.


Crispy Peking Duck


A dish that gained wide popularity in Europe and America over a century ago. Red and crispy skin, tender and fragrant  meat. Served with pecking duck sauce, cucumber, spring onions and pancakes. 


Hotpot Spicy Deluxe with Duck Blood

 🌶 🌶 🌶 🌶

Jianghu style cuisine. It is famous for its tongue-numbing spicy flavor, fresh and aromatic smell, and variety of ingredients.


Sichuan Boiling Fish


A classic Sichuan dish. Made with boneless basa fish to provide you an even better tasting experience.


Sichuan Chili Prawn Balls


Our master chef from Sichuan created this dish specially for our guests who love spicy food.


Sichuan Palace Royal Pork


The soul of Sichuan cuisine. Every household in Chengdu cherishes this dish as the symbol of “home” and cooks it with delicate culinary techniques. 


Chili Pork


A dish that comes from the countryside with vigorous and stirring spiciness that sets the pork on fire.


Chongqing Chili Chicken


A famous Jianghu style dish. With a mountain of chilli peppers and Sichuan peppers on top, the fun lies in finding the chicken buried therein. 

宫保鸡丁(可换虾, 豆腐, 茄子)​

Kung Pao Chicken/Prawns/Tofu/Eggplants


A world-famous Sichuan dish, a legend that has a history dating back to the Qing Dynasty.


Mongolian Beef


Another innovation from us with a popularity that lasted for 30 years.


Sichuan Spicy Beef with Tofu

 🌶 🌶

This dish is cooked with homemade hotpot broth, which perfect flavors the soft tofu and beef with intense spiciness and aroma.


Amdo Fried Lamb


A true treat from the Qinghai Plateau with a bold taste and aroma.


Sichuan Royal Pork (with garlic)


A Sichuan classic cold dish that was first invented by Bamboo Forest Restaurant in Chengdu.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith


During The Qing Dynasty, a couple created this dish by utilizing ingredients flavoring braised beef, ox heart, stomach and other organs with a number of sauces and spices.


Sichuan Mapo Tofu


Classic Sichuan dish created by Chen Mapo (Granny Chen) in 1862, in her restaurant around Wanfuqiao, Chengdu.


Chengdu Hotpot Mixed Vegetables


A Chengdu street food dish composed of a variety of ingredients in a stock made of hot and spicy sauce. It is also called “hot pot for one person”. It inherits the spiciness and aroma from the traditional hot pot, but with all ingredients served cooked, it is also more convenient for the diners.


Sichuan Palace Eggplant 


Yuxiang means the aroma of fish, and is a famous seasoning mixture in Sichuan cuisine. Yuxiang sauce can be used to cook a lot of ingredients, but eggplant is definitely the favorite one for Sichuan people. 


Palace Green Beans


Stir-fry is a common culinary technique in Sichuan cuisine. Yacai (pickled vegetable mustard) from the Yibin City in Sichuan, is a traditional pickle that was invented in 1841. Common beans, after being stir-fried along with yacai, delivers a delightful sense of crunchiness and aroma. 


Chengdu Barbecue Mixed Vegetables


This dish derives from Chengdu street food barbeques and has gained massive popularity in our restaurant. It definitely delivers an experience just as relaxing and enjoyable as snacking and having beers in the street food stalls in Chengdu.


Chengdu Dandan Noodles (minced pork)


Dandan Noodles was created in 1841 and had been listed in the Chinese Noodle Dishes Top 10 by the Association of Chinese Gastronomy. 


Zhong’s Spicy Dumplings (Pork Filling) ​


A famous dish that has won Gold Award for Sichuan snacks with a history that goes all the way back to 1893.


Chengdu Wontons in Hot & Sour Soup (pork)


A famous Chengdu snack since 1941, served with delicious broth.


Sichuan Tofu Noodles


Must-have dish when hosting guests; nutritious yet delicious.


Sichuan Sweet and Sour Pork Tenderloin


A regular dish in the Chinese home cooking repertoire. Crispy on the outside but tender inside,  this dish also perfectly matches with the sweet and sour flavor, and just a tiny hint of spiceness to enhance its aroma.


Spicy Lotus Root Stir-fried


Chengdu locals love the root part of the plant lotus as food ingredients. Hot spicy, crunchy and refreshing.




Tinder Tonic

Gin, tonic, fresh ginger, chili pepper, Sichuan pepper.

“Sichuan style gin tonic with loaded extra spiciness.
Too hot to handle?
There’s only one way to find out.


Tango Lover

Lychee wine, cranberry juice, tonic.

“Por una cabeza.
It’s an invitation,
Make no hesitation.”


Booze of Oz

Erguotou liquor, Fernandes Green Punch, fresh lime juice, mint.

“Discover the magic of life,
The wonder of wizardry,
In the Emerald world of Oz.”


Last Summer

Jiangxiaobai liquor, grapefruit juice, tonic, fresh lemon.

“Call me by your name,
And I’ll call you by mine.
The sunburnt kisses,
The bittersweet memories,
Of summer.”


Coco Doggo

Vodka, pineapple juice, coconut milk, mint.

“Sunshine, beach and surfer boy.
With just a single sip,
Feel the holiday vibes on the tropical islands.”