Sichuan Cuisine and Slow Life

Pepper, chilli, star anise, myrcia… Those special ingredients magically crash in Sichuan Cuisine with garnishing of scallions and coriander. Fresh and delicious dishes shuttle through alley, appear in family meal, remind of mom’s calling for coming back for dinner to children and outlining a real and slow lifestyle.


Real Sichuan

Slow Life


Sichuan Cuisine — One of the best cuisines in Chinese dishes

Sichuan Fire boiled fish, Chongqing famous chili chicken, Spicy Dumpling…Those mouthwatering delicacies have a long history inheriting generation of local people. As early as Qin and Han dynasties, Sichuan cuisine, with features of spicy and tasty, had appeared in people’s dinning table and continued to develop and innovate. It brought a bite of comfort after hard farming of people. Modern Sichuan cuisine emerged in the Ming dynasty. Chefs’ innovative use of pepper, pickled pepper, fermented black bean and other ingredients in cooking has formed three categories of 24 kinds of flavors, 54 cooking recipes and more than 3,000 classic traditional dishes. Nowadays, it has formed a complete system already with its unique cooking recipes and local flavor. it integrated different characteristics of cuisine in the southeast and northwest of China. And It is well known both at home and abroad since Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, was awarded the honorary title of “World Food Capital” by UNESCO.

Sichuan cuisine is famous for its wide range of ingredients, spicy seasonings, and mellow flavors. Soy sauce, thick broad-bean sauce, chili, pepper, sesame, ginger, onion, garlic, spices…Those ingredients mixed in hotpot and collided to amazing special flavors like salty, spicy, crispy, sweet and sour. After finishing the main course, the hidden role of ingredients showed up. Local Sichuan people kept the spicy red oil for boiling vegetables or noodles with a endless aftertaste.

Varieties of ingredients in Sichuan Cuisine

Slow lifestyle

Food feeds people back living in the land as they toil away at the fields. Sichuan is also called ‘Land of Abundance’ by people, where Chengdu Plain always riches in grain production. Sichuaness love eat, drink and having fun, enjoy their slow lifestyle. Teahouses are everywhere. The young and the old are talking together. Women are playing Mahjong and chatting about gossips. Beauty girls are shopping in downtown. Friends are drinking in the bar. In the bustle of urban life. There are also traditional cultures that Sichuaness are pride of. Sichuan opera, Du fu’s poems and the national treasure of giant panda… Sichuan Chengdu, a place that you never want to leave once you came.

Enjoy the leisurely slow time in Sichuan! This is an amazing city that mixes leisure, peace, and prosperity. Only the unique spicy flavor kissed the tongue, the appetites of homesickness awake. China Sichuan Restaurant always insists on authentic Sichuan favor, which presents the deepest memory of hometown and the inheritance of Chinese Sichuan food culture.