Choose spicy levels yourself!

A guideline for spicy levels of Sichuan cuisine

Sichuan on NEWS again! Het Parrol, reported 5x extra spicy food in Amsterdam, and China Sichuan Restaurant is on the top of the list! 

“The unique spicy taste in Sichuan is combined with ‘Ma La’, which is like a numb feeling when you see the dentists. This narcotic feeling in combination with the heat of the chili is also called ‘ma la’, or: narcotic hot.”  (Het Parrol)

Are all the Sichuan foods that spicy? NO!!! Sichuan cuisine holds a reputation for its variety of seasonings used. One dish with one flavor, with one hundred dishes come hundred flavors. They are rich in all kinds of flavors like salty, crispy, sweet and sour…Here, we offer you a guideline for spicy levels of Sichuan food.

Spicy Level ★

If you can’t stand any spicies, here are your choices:

  •  “Kungpao” flavor. One of the most important features is its starchy, syrupy sauce.
  •  “Yuxiang” flavor. Despite the term literally meaning “fish fragrance” in Chinese, yuxiang contains no seafood. It includes the use of sugar, vinegar, thick broad-bean sauce, soy sauce, and pickled chili peppers.
  • “Sweet and sour” flavor. The special taste comes from green onion, garlic, ginger, ketchup, and vinegar, and dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar and starch.


Chengdu Kunpao Prawn

It made with prawns, dried red peppers and peanuts. Best choice for people who can not eat food with too much spicy.

Yuxiang Shredded Pork

The fish-fragrant sauce in fact does not come from fish, but from Sichuan seasoning. One of the most famous matches with shredded pork is black ear mushrooms and lettuce stem.

Spicy Level ★★

If you would like to try some authentic Sichuan foods but not sure how much spicy you could stand. We have selected recommendations for you! Majority of them are fried with garlic and dried peppers which are slightly spicy flavors.


Sichuan Royal Pork (Meat Slices)

It is the starters to fully test the chef’s skill. The meat slices must be as thin as a piece of paper. SiChuan-style sweet soy sauce is used to fill the taste, with the sweetness of the cucumber, and the greasy taste of the fat.

Spicy Level ★★★

Start to have narcotic feeling? Then you arrive the third level of Sichuan Spicy! Sichuan peppercorn is used to give a pleasant tingling feeling. the numbing and spicy sensations known as mala. Try those dishes listed below!


Chengdu Palace Duck

It is the classical taste of Chengdu, which is not greasy and absolutely crispy. The best way to eat: take a piece of duck, immerse it in the gravy, and then put it in your month.

Spicy Level ★★★★

For this section, you will get to know the real hot and spicy Sichuan flavors and be addictive to the unique taste. You may sweat while eating, but still can’t help yourself to stop picking up your food with chopsticks


Chengdu Water-Mouth Chicken

It is the white chicken soaked in red oil, which is repeatedly refining with the secret spices. When it is refined, it will reach the hemp and spicy until you slobber.

Spicy Level ★★★★★

Congratulations! If you fall in love with deep spicy, you are more likely a local Sichuanese already! Dare to challenge your taste buds? Here are typical Sichuan cuisine that you can’t miss!


Chungking chili chicken

It includes many types of chili, they are mixed of millet spicy pepper, bell pepper and Qiubei pepper. After the churning in the hot oil, the spicy flavor is all refined, and the chicken is wrapped by a spicy wave. As it stir-fried, the chicken locks all the delicious insight.

Chungking Roasted Striped Bass

Marinated with Sichuan special pepper and fragrant leaves, the fish is tender and delicious. The fish is sizzling on the iron pot, and the aroma of spicy oil and leaves are permeated. The fish was delicious, and the red sizzling spicy oil dipped the fish, Spicy and salty.

You can ask for changing the spicy degree, just tell our servers.