Valentine's Day
Special Menu For Two

”Love is like Sichuan cuisine, dangerous and burning.“

But once you try, you’ll wonder how you can live without it. On the sweet Valentine’s day, would you like to bring your hot lover to Sichuan and enjoy a sweet and spicy dinner?
Happy Valentine's day

Here is our special offer

Chengdu Family Cucumber

Salad with cucumber, fresh appetizer
If you’re as cool as a cucumber. It’s okay, I will be the one to warm you up and drive you in fire. When the spicy oil meets cucumber, you will get connected with each other just in a bite.

Mr. and Mr’s Smith

Made with cow heart, cow stomach and cow tongue
This dish was originally made by a couple. They loved each other so much and when people enjoyed their dish, they can feel the simple but with loving care. As the couple were always together and never be apart from each other, People used Mr and Mr’s to name their dish.

Spicy & Sweet Noodles

Contains gluten
Spicy and Sweet noodles were also called “loving noodles”. When the girl and boy are dating, it will never be wrong if the boy treated the girl with Spicy and Sweet noodles. With the spicy you, life will always be sweet.

Sichuan Spicy Dumpling

Pork, 5 pieces
All the best wishes are in the tiny delicious. Dumplings with red oil is the most charming dish you could have during valentine’s day.

House Wine two glasses

White Rice for two persons

Are you ready?

The price is also romantic: €52, which pronounced like “I love you” in Chinese. Our pretty sweet and spicy Valentine’s deal is waiting for you. 

How would you describe your relationship? Are you and your lover sweet and romantic? Or do you keep things hot and spicy? Or both!