Eleanor Liu

Customer Service Coordinator

I majored in English as a bachelor, but before that I already had some part-time experience in restaurants, which felt interesting and enjoyable. I am a food person myself, and it was just natural that I gradually became intrigued to further my study in this field. That’s how I took the decision to study my master’s program here in Service Management, and afterwards found the opportunity in Sichuan Restaurant.


I started with our online customer service, back then due to the lockdown here in the Netherlands, online orders were our sole source of business. Only after the re-opening of dine-in services I started to have more chances to actually meet our customers and chat with them. It really was inspiring as well as interesting to hear what our guests, especially non-Chinese one, feel about Sichuan cuisine.

"I think this was a crucial part of my job, to listen to and understand our customers, and provide insights to our chef team, service team and marketing team. It has been proven that this kind of information is of massive value to the improvement and development of our company."

However, to me it’s much more than that. It has always been a delight to welcome our loyal customers in our restaurants and the kind of connection built through the experience in this job is just heart-warming to say the least. 


And also, to some new guests who may just encounter Sichuan cuisine for the first time, I like to encourage them to “take an adventure” and explore something new and exciting, to be ready to get surprised in our kaleidoscopic selection of traditional and innovative Sichuan dishes.