Kunchok’s Story

Meet Kunchok, our beloved waitress and a proud mother of two young children. She has been serving customers for nearly four years and brings her motherly caring to work, making sure that every guest feels welcomed and appreciated. As we approach International Women’s Day this year, Kunchok’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing equity and promoting diversity in all its forms.


I’ve been working at Si-Chuan restaurant for almost four years now, and I’ve come to realize that being a good waitress is not just about serving food and drinks. It’s about connecting with people, understanding their needs, and making them feel welcome. 


As a mother of two young children, I always bring my motherly caring to work. I sense the emotions of our customers and always strive to give them the best possible experience. It’s not always easy, especially when I’m juggling work and family responsibilities, but it’s always worth it when I see the smile on a customer’s face.


One particular experience comes to mind. There was a family who came in for dinner, and they seemed a bit stressed and frazzled. I could tell that they were having a tough day, and I did my best to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. I made some recommendations on the menu, told them how a spicy meal could relieve the pressure, and made sure their orders were served promptly. As they were leaving, the mother of the family thanked me and said,


“You know, you really made our day. It’s so nice to have someone take care of us like that.”


It was a small gesture, but it made me realize the impact that I can have on people’s lives.

As we approach International Women’s Day this year, with the theme of “embrace equity,” I’m reminded of the importance of valuing and promoting diversity in all its forms. Every person has something unique to contribute to the world, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, or background. As a woman and a mother, I believe that my experiences and perspectives add to the richness and diversity of our workplace. And I’m grateful to work for a restaurant that values and supports its employees, regardless of their personal circumstances.